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The Product

Our Pineapple is sourced from 4683 ha of pineapple growing lands, contracted to Summerpride Foods, with a host of local and international suppliers providing packaging, freight, energy, engineering, and other services.

“We are your South African Pineapple Concentrate producer/supplier for the International Beverage Industry”

Why Us?

As far as we know we process pineapples further away from the equator than anybody else. This gives our proudly South African pineapple juice concentrate a unique blend of sweetness and acidity which is sought after as a base product for many tropical fruit juice blends. 

Around 92% of our production is exported all over the globe and we’re extremely proud of the fact that we’re able to compete in the most sophisticated and demanding markets out there.

“Committed to Food Safety, from the Farm to the Factory through to the delivery of the final Product, with full traceability”

International Reach

Currently Summerpride supplies 8% of its annual 100% Pineapple Juice (no Additives) Concentrate production to the local market, with the balance of 92% being exported world-wide.

Pineapple Benefits

Pineapple is one of the world’s most popular tropical fruits for a reason, containing an abundance of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes which contribute to overall health.

Pineapple juice contains beta carotene and vitamin A, as well as vitamin C and vitamins B1, B2 and B6. On the mineral front, it contains potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium – all important to a balanced diet.

Pineapples are also rich in insoluble fibre, which isn’t broken down by the gut and absorbed into the bloodstream. It sweeps through the digestive tract and promotes bowel health.

But, perhaps what makes pineapple juice most unique is that it contains the proteolytic enzyme, bromelain, unique to the pineapple. Gut health is essential to overall health, and proteolytic enzymes are equally as essential to gut health because they break down proteins, making them easier to digest. They also act as blood cleansers that attack inflammation and rebalance the immune system. If you take them with a meal like breakfast, they work as a digestive aid, but if you’re in a hurry and take them on an empty stomach, they pass through your digestive system and enter your blood circulation to provide benefits there.

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