The Pineapple Plant
Smooth leaf Cayenne plantings may be made from any of the vegetative parts of the pineapple plant - tops (the crown of the leaves) slips and suckers. Tops and slips are the most commonly planted with the tops being the most preferred option by the growers.

The pineapple fruit grows on the central stem of the plant with only one fruit borne on each plant. Every plant produces suckers and these grow in a leaf axil off the parent stem. These suckers subsequently produce a second crop of fruit. The first and second crops normally constitute the commercial yield of the plant.

In South Africa, pineapples flower within 14 to 20 months of planting. The summer fruit takes around five months to mature and winter fruit can take up to seven months. The first crop is usually harvested after 18 - 24 months and the two crop cycle can take up to four years.

Land for pineapple farming is chosen on the basis of elevation, aspect, soil and drainage. The amount of fertiliser needed for maximum yield is determined by regular soil and leaf analysis.

Good crop management aims to achieve maximum production fruit per hectare in the shortest possible time, without harming the environment. Because of our geographical location, our products have a distinctive pineapple taste, with our concentrate being well sought after as the preferred base for many tropical fruit juices and blends throughout the world

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