The Farmers
The company's growers stretch from Komga 90 kilometres north of East London to Alexandria 200 kilometres to the South. The largest grower supplies approximately 10 000 tons of fruit with the smallest in the region of 500tons. All of Summerpride growers belong to three study groups who meet monthly to keep up with the latest technology and customer's demands.

They are all members of the Pineapple Growers Association (PGA). The main function of the PGA is pineapple research on the farm in Bathurst and to source agrochemicals for the local pineapple industry. The association also keeps abreast of international pineapple research, plant breeding cultural methods. Currently organic production, Integrated Pest Management, the breeding of superior clones and the evaluation of various new chemicals are receiving attention.

The company has also helped establish the Peddie Pineapple Project (Pineco) in a previously disadvantaged area, which is a joint venture between the Pineapple Association and the Peddie Community Trust.

Summerpride Foods is now well positioned to increase sales of its pineapple juice concentrate and NFC over the past years are starting to bear fruit and Summerpride is now regarded as one of the top quality pineapple producers in the World.   We are able to offer a quality product at a reasonable price supported by good freight links and an excellent banking system.

Farmer's Name Farmer's Surname Farm Name
Malcolm Arnold Grandon
Nigel Arnold Langholm Farm
Paul Beyleveld C'est La Vie
Jonathan Bradfield Limestone Hill
Leon Bradfield Berkley South
Neville Bradfield Berkley South
Merrick Clayton  
Roger Clayton Brenthoek
Walter Duncan Springfield
Howard Elliott Riyo
Mark Elliott Harmany
Colin Fletcher  
Gary Fletcher  
Barry Gleaves Heatherglen
Tommy Gleaves Heatherglen
Craig Handley Fairview
Garry Handley Fairview
Mark Harris Weymouth
Mark Hulley Grassmere
Mike Japp Thorndale
Lulama  Mtya Pinco  
Alan Pike Hopewell
Colin Purdon Enterprise
Lal Purdon Enterprise
Norman Smith Whitney
Corder Tilney Shelford
Pierre Tilney Shelford
Greg Timm  
Cyril Tyson The Home Farm
Fred Tyson Gracelands
Peter Wilmot Belcrest
Gavin Yendall Lyndhurst
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